HFX Beverage Expo

In Nova Scotia beverages seem to be a big thing. Between Tea, Coffee, Soda, Juice, Kombucha, Kefir,  Water, and anything else we’re forgetting, there are local companies creating new and innovative beverages all over. It would be great it if we could all come together and show off what we make.

Details about HFX Beverage Expo ’19 are coming soon!

Watch this video for a taste of the 2018 Expo

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Volunteer Registration

As we’re sure you can imagine, pulling off a beverage expo is quite an effort. There are a lot of moving parts, and we could really use some help!

If you think you would be a good volunteer, we would love to chat with you!
Please use this simple form to register as a volunteer. Volunteers will get free entry to the expo, and some show swag for helping us out.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

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Venue & Directions

Dalhousie Student Union Building, Floor 2
6136 University Ave., Halifax, NS B3H 4J2
All ages welcome & the building is completely ACCESSIBLE!

The Dalhousie Student Union is the hub of student extracurricular and social life on campus. The DSU advocates for student rights, builds community on campus, and host’s events like the HFX Beverage Expo.

The main expo will take place in the McInnes Room on the second floor, where exhibitors will each have an 8ft x 8ft booth to show off their amazing beverages, and incredible local business. Each exhibitor brings something different, which in turn makes the beverages of Nova Scotia so incredibly unique and diverse.

Meet The Team


HFX Beverage Expo - David


David is an entrepreneur, with a passion for tea. As the creator of Tea North – Organic Iced Tea, he is able to express his love for healthy living, and happy people. David was also the co-creator of Satya Tea – Liquid Wisdom, a loose leaf tea company based in Halifax, that eventually became Tea North. David is always creating new, and exciting things, with HFX Beverage Expo being the latest adventure.

David’s favourite beverages are Tea North’s Blueberry Rodeo Herbal Iced Tea, and Root Beer.


Philips’s passion in life is tea. In 2010, Philip opened The World Tea House, which quickly gained popularity in Halifax as a premium loose leaf organic tea retailer.  Having a background in small business management, corporate accounting, and a love of the tea leaf, World Tea House is a reflection of his passion and commitment to the earth and environment.

Philip’s favourite beverages are Loose Tea, Craft Beer, and Kombucha